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    SugarCRM CE

    sundar swami Newbie

      Newbie to wildfly. How to access sugarcrm's install file, when wildfly is running . I am using centOS.

      How to point WIldfly to access sugarcrms files

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          Abhijit Humbe Master

          Not sure which type sugarcrm's install file is. Is it a web application ? WAR, EAR ? You can place it under standalone/deployment directory, and create filename.dodeploy file to trigger its deployment.

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            sundar swami Newbie

            I am trying to install sugarCRM CE. I am using Wildfly. For apache they have the process of copying all the files to /var/www/html  directory. That way one can access the install directory using the localhost/install


            So how do you do this for wildfly to instal SugarCRM CE