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    WildFly 10.1 support


      Hi again,

      Are there any plans to make a JBoss OSGi version with the WildFly 10.1 support? I see arcivanov made some commits to GitHub relating to this at the end of last year, but since then it has been silent. We are looking to pump up to 10.1 to get rid of a few bugs in WildFly 10.


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          There are plans if there is demand.
          What's your time horizon?

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            Wow. Quick reply. Sorry I took a bit longer.

            We have circumvented issues we had, so there's no immediate hurry. Depending on risks and time needed from our end we could swap to 10.1 rather quickly. As far as I know, there shouldn't be much configuration differences between 10 and 10.1. If updating JBoss OSGi needs more effort, I think October is the earliest we can do it.