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    JBoss Tools report errors on standalone.xml that are none


      When running Eclipse (Neon.3 Release 4.6.3) with the JBoss Tools (Version: 3.2.4.v20170510-2349) I get error reports for a standalone.xml that is placed within src/test/resources of my project. Looks like this:




      While the first might make sense (even though I still would not want Eclipse complaining about it) the others clearly indicate that Eclipse reports false positives. The second line fully reads:


      cvc-attribute.3: The value '${jboss.ajp.port:8009}' of attribute 'port' on element 'socket-binding' is not valid with respect to its type, 'unsignedShort'.


      That value is clearly valid since Wildfly (using 8.2.1 for this test) will replace those placeholders with a port that may get an offset applied to it. But from an XML schema / DTD validation standpoint it cannot be valid. And I assume that the schema / DTD definition for standalone.xml comes from JBoss Tools, as Eclipse Preferences > XML > XML Catalog shows me a long list of Plugin Specified Entries that shows a long list of JBoss/Wildfly-specific definitions (which I cannot remove nor disable).


      My question is (since I did not find any option for it): how can I prevent Eclipse / JBoss Tools from validating XML files / that particular XML file? I tried changing the project into a faceted project and only select the Java facet but to no avail.


      Any help would be appreciated!