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    Jboss 6.4 Configuration on Linux

    Akshay Shah Newbie

      This is the first time i'm working on jboss so this might be a very basic question.

      I have a linux host machine in which I have Java 1.7 installed.

      I have to install jboss 6.4 into this linux hostmachine , that I can access only through putty ssh client.

      Also I need to configure jboss so that I can have access to the jboss host address in my Machine which is a windows based.


      Can please somebody suggest on the installation on the linux host and configuration for the same?



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          Arnav Bhati Newbie

          Hi Akshay,


          You can simply unzip the JBoss installation which you have downloaded on your linux machine, consider this path as $JBOSS_HOME

          Navigate to $JBOSS_HOME/bin and run ./add-user.sh to add a management user.Once the management user is created run ./standalone.sh -b IP -bmanagement IP



          You can access the JBoss management console from this IP. Open any browser and hit the IP:9990 , "9990" is the default port for management console.Login with the management user.


          NOTE : Make sure the ports are open and there is no firewall , if ports are not open then there might be issue while accessing JBoss  console from your windows machine.


          Let me know if it worked for you.