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    Infinispan  data load into Remote Cache multiple node concurrently

    abhishek dutta gupta Newbie

      I am trying to load data into Infinispan Multiple data node concurrently using RemoteCache. How can I achieve this into code?

      I am doing like this:


      final String host = "";

            final int hotrodPort = 11222;

            final String cacheName = "";  // The name of the address book  cache, as defined in your server config.


            ConfigurationBuilder builder = new ConfigurationBuilder();

           /* builder.addServer()



                  .marshaller(new ProtoStreamMarshaller());*/  // The Protobuf based marshaller is required for query capabilities



            saslMechanism("DIGEST-MD5").callbackHandler(new MyCallBackHandler("myuser", "ApplicationRealm", "qwer1234!".toCharArray())).marshaller(new ProtoStreamMarshaller());

            cacheManager = new RemoteCacheManager(builder.build());


            addressbookCache = cacheManager.getCache(cacheName);

            if (addressbookCache == null) {

               throw new RuntimeException("Cache '" + cacheName + "' not found. Please make sure the server is properly configured");