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    Camel: Create Custom Endpoint




      I have a Fuse project where I define a route (with Blueprint), which should get data in form of objects from a specific Java SDK, wraps them as messages and forwards them in the route. They should be filtered according to a specific property and send to an ActiveMQ queue, where another microservice should take it from.


      Unfortunately I have problems creating a custom endpoint. I already created an Endpoint Class (and registered it in the blueprint xml as a bean) which inherits from the DefaultEndpoint in order to create a consumer and producer. But I don't really know which one I need to accomplish my task. Do I have to create a consumer which creates the SDK instance and the Listeners where I get my data from, or is it achieved through a producer? How do I create a Message and store my object in it, to send it through the route for further processing?


      Sorry if my question was already asked, but I have read through several articles dealing with custom endpoints and still have not really a clue where to start with my specific problem.


      Thanks in advance!

      Best regards!