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    query for user task with input variable values

    fgdfgdfgdfg fsdfsdf Newbie

      Hi i'm newbie in the JBPM world, i have installed jbpm 7.


      I have defined a process than ends with a user task with input variables, for example variable1 and variable2



      I start the process using the rest api and the user task is generated.


      I need to retrieve from an external application the tasks of a user with the current values of the input variables using the REST API.


      * I have found method for getting the task for a user, but the content of the variables is not showed.




      * I have found methods for filtering the task by a variable value, but still the variable values are not returned.





      And given a task instanceid retrieving the variables content.





      is there any way of retriving the task of the user along with the values of the input variables using the REST API,  (in jbpm7)?



      I see there is a REST API, tested but it doesn't work :


      Rich query for task summaries and process variables.