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    EAP7 how to expose both JAX-RS and JAX-WS service with CXF

    Néstor Almeida Newbie



      I'm trying to expose a service using both restful and soap webservices apis (jax-rs and jax-ws). Currently I made it works using  only a few JAX-* annotations:




      public class AlertasApi  {



          @Consumes({ "application/json", "application/xml" })

          @Produces({ "application/json", "application/xml" })


          public Alertas listarAlertas() {

      return alertasService.listarAlertas();




      I can run both services without write any kind of configuration based schema (I only need a bunch of microservices and serve a maven site webpage for their documentation).


      I know that JBOSS EAP have a Apache CXF based API called JBOSSWS-CXF.


      My next steps are secure these services with authentication and authorization so I want to use CXF to have a single security context.


      I want to try to make it simply as possible, using annotations or api (method) based configuration but my major problem was that I can't use the JBOSSWS-CXF module.


      I specified the EAP server BOM in my Maven pom file:










      I can't see any reference to cxf or jbossws in my project imported libraries. Im getting crazy because I looked for any reference and I doesn't found anything.


      In resume:

      JBOSS EAP 7.0.0

      WAR deployment for REST and SOAP microservices

      Both uses the same java method and are configured by JAX annotations

      Using Maven for project dependencies

      I want to secure the services so I want to use a API that implements security on both (rest and soap) exposed services

      I want to make it as simply as possible


      Wich is is best approach to make it work? CXF? In this case, how can I use native JBOSS CXF (JBOSSWS-CXF) in my Maven project.


      Thanks you in advance.