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    JBPM Rest API tasks query retrieving always 1000 rows

    Rodrigo Burdet Newbie



      Im using jbpm 6.5.0 and its rest api for doing task queries. From the kie workbench i can see more than 1000 tasks in progress but when i do the req to :


      i always receibe a json of 1000 tasks. If i change the pagination, adding :

      http://{{server}}:{{port}}/kie-wb-distribution-wars-6.5.0.Final-wildfly10/rest/query/task?status=inprogress&status=ready&potentialOwner={{owner}}&s=3000 or &p=2

      I keep getting the same output.


      Am i doing anything wrong ?

      Can i change the parameters so that i can get the rest of my tasks ?

      Is this a JBPM problem ?


      Any help would be appreciated.