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    Annotations inside modules are not loaded



      I am trying to access a annotated servlet which is in modules directory.


      1. created jandex.idx for simple.jar
      simple.jar is just having a servlet which just says helloworld.(Note: I have used annotation to mark it as servlet)
      2. moved my servlet(simple.jar) to modules directory. <jboss location>/modules/simple/main
      3. created modules.xml in which resource-root points to simple.jar
      4. In my war file i dont have anything other than META-INF/jboss-deployment-structure.xml which points to 'simple' module with annotations="true" and deployed the war file
      5. brought up the jboss and tried to access the <localhost>/simple/Simple
      note: simple=application name and Simple=servlet name

      Can you please let me know what i am missing in 7.X series?

      Above scenario(Same steps) works perfectly in wildfly.

      Note: I make sure i am using right jandex jar to create index file.

      Thank you,