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    Accessing MDB /EJB from MBean

    Frintrop Newbie

      Hi, i have the following problem:
      i have developed a mdb bean that listen for object messages and than only pass the object of the message to a worker ejb, that accesses the object.
      this works very fine. i.e. while testing with junit.

      now i want to send messages to the mdb from an selfwritten mbean. the first problem is, that i have to
      put the class containing the objectmessage once in the jar of the mdb/ejb and second in a jar in lib/ext to access it from the mbean. ( is there a better solution ? )
      the second problem is, that this doesn´t work. the working ejb, that is finaly accessing the objectmessage sended by the mbean, throws exceptions like IllegalAccessExcpetion.
      must i change any policies or have i to deploy the beans in anotherway ?!??!?

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          Andreas Schaefer Apprentice

          You have to add the necessary classes in lib/ext because your MBean is running outside the EJB-Container. But you only have to add what you need like the Home and Remote Interface but not the EJB implementation,. Also all necessary classes passed as arguments and what is specified in the Home/Remote interface.

          Have fun - Andy