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    How we can automate the process which we are doing manually in JBOSS tool.

    Kiran Gudivada Newbie



      I am trying to automate the below steps which we are doing in Jboss tool. Is it possible to automate the below process? If yes can you please suggest the best approach to do this.


      1. Creating datasource with providing DB(Hive,Mysql,file and etc....) configurations details.

      2. Creating views using datasource

      3. Creating schema by joining multiple views.

      4. Creating VDBs using schema.

      5. Deploying VDB.


      All the above(data sources,views,schemas,VDB creation and deploying the VDB) should be automated. My main requirement, I should be able to joining the data from multiple DB how we are doing in JBOSS eclipse tool(by creating datasource,views,schems), create the VDB and deploy the same. Later I should be able to access it in any external UI interface.


      Approaches which I tried:




      We have used above two inks to create data sources automatically but I am not sure how to access the created datasource. Also how we have to create the views,schemas,VDBs based on these data sources.


      2. Tried with VDB builder but I am not sure how to connect to the DB or data sources which we created in the above steps. Please find the below link for reference.





      Kiran G.