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    cluster Jboss standalone servers


      Hi Team,


      I would like to understand,

      which jms queue we have to point out when publishing message to the queue.

      in my situation I have 2 Jboss Application servers 6.x version in the same environment and configured with load balancer.


      if i publish message to one queue and how both will sync, how we can achieve when publish only one time that message should available in 2 servers.


      Could any one please clarify me on this.

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          First of all, you may need to use the wildfly 8, 9, 10 since you will get much more information by staying in the newer version. JAS 6.x is too old.


          The message configuration for clustering is complicated, and older version is drastically different than that of the newer version. If you go with wildfly 8, 9, 10, you will be able to search for what you need.