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    Entity bean not calling the ejbLoad

    rajeshr_v Newbie

      I deployed a BMP entity bean in my JBOSS server with default container settings.I had a problem while executing the client. The container is not calling the ejbLoad() method of the bean instance. Instead it take the bean state from the container cache. Even though it result in greater speed , i had lot of other issues with this.
      My Question is :

      1. Does it happens because of the default configuration.Can we change this container behaviour.
      2. Can i force the container to call ejbLoad.
      3. If the bean instances are suppose in multiple JVMs , the one updation will not affect the other,giving bad result
      4. If JBOSS server is not the only entry point to the server , the server will infact returns the dirty data.

      correct me it is wrong.