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    Remote debbuging

    Ripoll Newbie

      I have some EJBs running on a distant server (with jboss).
      I also have a client running on another computer, which calls some methods of the beans. I have JBuilder 5 (Enterprise) on this computer.

      I would like to remotly debug the EJBs' implementation from the client computer, using JBuilder.

      The problem I encountered is the following : when I put a cross-process break point in the client code on an EJB method invocation, the debugger can't enter in the code of the server (ie in the code of the method of the bean concerned, running on the remote computer)as I would like it to. I don't know how to resolve this problem as according to Borland's team, the problem is due to the use of jboss and not the use of JBuilder.