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    Jboss secondary mail configuration for failover

    Delhibabu R Newbie

      Hi Everyone,



      I have some doubts in mail configuration(EAP 6.4.9), Here is my scenario,


      1) I have 2 SMTP servers and need to configure them,
      2) There is only one JNDI added in application,
      3) The secondary SMTP should act only when primary SMTP is down,


      Mail configuration in domain.xml

      <mail-session name="primary-smtp" jndi-name="java:jboss/mail/Default">

                          <smtp-server outbound-socket-binding-ref="mail-smtp">

                              <login name="xx" password="yy"/>


      <mail-session name="secondary-smtp" jndi-name="java:jboss/mail/Default">

                          <smtp-server outbound-socket-binding-ref="mail-smtp1">

                              <login name="xx" password="yy"/>



      <outbound-socket-binding name="mail-smtp">

                      <remote-destination host="xx.xx.xx.xx" port="25"/>


      <outbound-socket-binding name="mail-smtp1">

                      <remote-destination host="yy.yy.yy.yy" port="25"/>


      I think same JNDI cannot be registered in mail configuration but is there any way  to configure with above scenario without changing the JNDI name ?. Can I able to add two IP's for remote-destination host(<remote-destination host="yy.yy.yy.yy,xx.xx.xx.xx" port="25"/) ?


      Thanks in advance folks.