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    JBoss Switchyard Apache Camel cannot parse org.apache.xerces.dom.DocumentImpl


      I have installed JBoss EAP 6.4 with Fuse plugin.

      I have used Switchyard to implement an Apache Camel Route(XML) with SOAP Binding in Service and Reference.

      The only reason that Camel is used, is a transformation which is needed. Only an XQuery used because only the namespaces needed to change.

      But Camel before invoke the Switchyard Reference, JBoss throw an exception.



      The Body Type of the request when invoked the Camel Route was: com.sun.xml.messaging.saaj.soap.ver1_1.BodyElement1_1Impl

      After the transformation used XQuery it became: org.apache.xerces.dom.DocumentImpl


      Then Camel before invoke Reference Switchyard it throws an error as follows:


      Caused by: javax.xml.soap.SOAPException: SWITCHYARD035407: Unable to parse SOAP Message
        at org.switchyard.component.soap.composer.SOAPMessageComposer.decompose(SOAPMessageComposer.java:271)
        at org.switchyard.component.soap.composer.SOAPMessageComposer.decompose(SOAPMessageComposer.java:56)
        at org.switchyard.component.soap.OutboundHandler.handleMessage(OutboundHandler.java:249)
        ... 132 more
      Caused by: org.w3c.dom.DOMException: NOT_SUPPORTED_ERR: The implementation does not support the requested type of object or operation.
        at org.apache.xerces.dom.CoreDocumentImpl.importNode(CoreDocumentImpl.java:1726)
        at org.apache.xerces.dom.CoreDocumentImpl.importNode(CoreDocumentImpl.java:1493)
        at com.sun.xml.messaging.saaj.soap.SOAPDocumentImpl.importNode(SOAPDocumentImpl.java:172)
        at org.switchyard.component.soap.composer.SOAPMessageComposer.decompose(SOAPMessageComposer.java:223)
        ... 134 more


      I believe that the problem is that I have missed a dependency. I use the following dependencies:


      switchyard-api (managed: 2.1.0.redhat-630187)
      -transform (managed: 2.1.0.redhat-630187)
      -validate (managed: 2.1.0.redhat-630187)
      -component-camel (managed: 2.1.0.redhat-630187)
      -component-soap (managed: 2.1.0.redhat-630187)
      -saxon: 2.17.0.redhat-630187 (managed: 2.17.0.redhat-630187)
      : 2.9.1.redhat-6 (managed: 2.9.1)


      Could you please guide me, if my problem is indeed with my dependencies or something else that I have missed?


      I appreciate for your time,