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    HTTP Tunnel

    Alex Newbie

      We use applet as client front-end. The applet communicates with JBoss 2.2.2.
      How to enable HTTP tunneling so the applet could communicate thru firewall?
      What is a minimum set of libraries must be on the client?
      May I customize such communication parameters as timeout and number of reconnection?
      And finally may the tunneling work thru Apache HTTP server?
      Thanks a lot !!!

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          Blin Blin Newbie

          Try JProxy from jproxy.com It is a servlet based solution for HTTP Tunneling. It has even deployment descriptors for JBoss server. Client does not need any libraries from client directory of jboss. It uses just 100K jar-file from jproxy.com. It also support JMS with asynchronous listeners.

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            Aaron Smith Newbie

            You may want to try SOAP (check out www.apache.org) or maybe open your own HTTP connection and pass serialised objects.


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              Janardhan Burugupalli Newbie

              Can u just explain the process of implementing our own http tunneling. Or any help links. Because i dont want to use JProxy. I already did the http tunneling for the SSL and my exact problem now is that i want all my Jboss traffic through one port that might be 443 or 80. So how and were should i configure ....
              I shuld also write my own NamingContextFactory for the JNDI lookup from the clients..

              please help me out