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    Undertow - HTTP Port opened before applications deployed

    Andrew Bodycombe Newbie

      I have an issue deploying Wildfly 10.1.Final inside an Azure WebApp.


      Within the Azure platform, a WebApp is considered "up" when the HTTP Port starts accepting requests, so Azure will direct requests to Wildflty as soon as Undertow starts listening for HTTP Requests.

      However, Undertow starts listening on the socket while the Servlet container is still deploying the .war files, meaning Azure starts sending requests to Wildfly before the AppServer is ready, and clients see occasional 503 errors depending on which instance is hit.


      This negatively affects the availability of the Wildfly server within Azure.

      What I really need, is a way to delay the startup of Undertow until the Servlet container has completed the application deployment process.


      Is that possible?