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      28 times faster than Sun's j2ee implementation of Petstore web application!.That's what Microsoft Net is claiming
      Check www.theserverside.com

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          Dave Elliot Newbie

          Yah... Well try to keep in mind that the Petstore was built by Sun as a tutorial on EJB, patterns blah blah. Performance was not even a slight consideration for them.

          MS have now built a highly optimised Petstore app using .Net components, with most of the processing being done in DB stored procs, using empty exception blocks, downsized middle tier, blah blah. Performance and minimal lines of code being their number 1 priority.

          Funnily enough Microsoft's highly optimised Petstore is then faster than Sun's completely for-fun non-optimised Petstore. From this they claim that .Net is 28 times faster than J2EE. Laugh!

          If Java is so dodgy, why did MS blatently rip it off for their C# language?