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    WildFly 10 - Migrating from file persisted EJB Timers to database persisted ones.

    Steve Hayes Newbie

      We want to migrate file persisted EJB timers to database persisted ones.


      Has anyone had any experience with this ?


      I was going to read in the XML files and then re-persist them.

      This approach is fine until I try to decode the Base64 encoded string contained in the info tag.


      The Base64 decoding works fine, however the resulting bytes don't seem to conform to the standard for a serialized object.

      I assumed that what was contained in the info tag was just a Base64 encoded String generated from the bytes created by serializing the payload.


      Any info / ideas on this would be welcome. The following is the code I'm using (pretty much standard for deserializing).

      It results in an invalid header exception.


      byte[] base64decodedBytes = Base64.getDecoder().decode( "TheStringContainedInTheInfoTag" );


      try ( ObjectInputStream ois = new ObjectInputStream( new ByteArrayInputStream( base64decodedBytes ) ) ) {

          ScheduledArchiveJobTimerPayload payload = (ScheduledArchiveJobTimerPayload)ois.readObject();