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    The EntityBean is not needed?

    IPOz Newbie

      I have developed some DAO classes which are used to handle RDBMS operation.In my application i only use SessionBean to finish the project:
      It seems that the EntityBean is not necessary doesnot it?
      Any suggections are appreciated!

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          Fusayuki Minamoto Apprentice

          Entity beans provide us a view of persistent object.
          Design your object model. Then you can judge whether you need it or not.
          If you only have a database view, session beans is not needed in the your logic.


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            Aaron Smith Newbie


            You are correct. Entity Beans are not required if you choose not to use them. Session Beans with a DAO is a valid implementation of a persistence layer, and should involve the use of Value Objects (serialised Java objects) to pass data between your various tiers.

            You should only use Entity Beans when you have fully considered the pros and cons of the technology, and decided that it fits your system architecture and design approach. Don't use Entity Beans if your only reason is "because I can".


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              IPOz Newbie

              Thanks for all your response!
              It seems that the DAO works as the BMP EntityBean.You need to write SQL statement by yourself.What's the difference between the DAO and BMP EntityBean?