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    EJB  dynamic reconfiguration

    Yuttana Krittasampan Newbie

      Hi all ,

      I'd like to replicate some beans to another container in another machine in runtime environment. Is it possible for EJB ? If so, could you please help me for some recommendations ?

      Thanks a lot
      Yuttana K.

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          Andreas Schaefer Apprentice

          You can do this but only by hand.

          First you have to create the appropriate deployment JAR files for the EJBs (keep in mind that for BEA Weblogic you have to run EJBC which is not necessary with JBoss).
          Afterwards you have to deploy the JAR files to the appropriate EJB container.

          Because the life-cycle of an EJB is dependable on the hosting EJB-Container you cannot replicate EJB instances. The create would maybe be possible but not the destroy, passivate or activate.

          The only working "replication" I know which is working is a J2EE cluster but this is an array of the same container.