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    Application specific configuration file location in Wildfly 10.1

    Juha Vuorinen Newbie

      I have Wildfly 10.1 in Ubuntu 16.4 LTS. I have a web-application as a WAR-file. The web-application is deployed through the Wildfly management console.

      The web-application reads an application specific configuration file in a set up phase. The configuration file includes some parameters in XML-format for further actions by the web-service. 


      Is there a specific folder in wildfly folder structure to where I need to put the application specific configuration file, so that the web-application can read it?


      The Webservice run earlier in JBOSS 6.3 in Windows, but I use now Wildfly 10.1 in Ubuntu.


      Web-application's java-code specifies the path to the configuration file like this:

      private final String fileName = "..webapp-setup.xml" ;// JBOSS Root_dir


      Thus, in JBOSS 6.3 the configuration file was read from JBOSS root directory, but to where should it be put in Wildfly 10.1? Does Wildfly 10.1 has a similar root directory as in JBOSS 6.3 to where the application specific configuration file could be copied and read by the web-application?