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    How to skip ShrinkWrap and test full build?

    Peter Lauko Newbie



      How can I switch between ShrinkWrap deployment on development machines and full ear deployment on Jenkins using the same test classes?


      We plan to use Arquillian for integration testing using the following setup:

      - JBoss EAP running in docker container both on development machines and test environment

      - On local development we use continuously running servers and access them via remote connectors by Arquillian. Here we use ShrinkWrap to deploy only relevant part of the application for faster test execution.

      - On test environment managed by Jenkins we use temporary servers started by the build and tore down after completion. Here we would like to make a full maven build and deploy the application via hot deployment in order to test the real thing. Obviously we would like to use the same test classes as for development, but I don't know how to disable ShrinkWrap.


      I'm very new to Arquillian so this might be a basic question, but I could not find an example so far.

      Also please correct me if this setup has some conceptional problems.


      Thanks very much for any help!