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    RunAs With Apache CXF Service

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      I'm porting some old SOAP services to WF 10.1.  Everything is working functionally, but I don't see where I can configure the Apache CXFServlet to handle EJB security.  In the past, I put an entry in the web.xml that sets the Servlet's run-as.  My current web.xml -- working except for EJB security -- is empty.  When I try to reference the Servlet as I have in the past, I get this


      *  java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Failed to link org/apache/cxf/transport/servlet/CXFServlet


      My services are packed in a WAR which is packed in an EAR.  There is a deployment-structure file that includes the Apache CXF Impl.


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          Carl Walker Newbie

          My workaround so far is to skip the CXFServlet and pack a facade Local EJB in the WAR file with a PermitAll and a RunAs.  The few methods used in these legacy services run as the specified role.  All the code in the container is trusted and the facade isn't available remotely.


          I'd still like to hear if anyone was able to configure the CXFServlet.