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    Problem configuring Arquillian Remote Container with Weblogic12c

    Frederico Mucceli Moreira Rangel Cruz Newbie

      Hi Guys,


      I'm trying configure arquillian - Remote Container - with weblogic12c, but I'm stuck. I read almost all articles around the web, searched similar problems on stackoverflow and wasn't enought.

      I made a post on stackoverflow and the community suggested a wrong combination of versions of dependencies and plugins. To configure arquillian with weblogic12c I made changes in my pom.xml, create arquilian.xml in the right directory and created my test class with all annotations required. Let's focus in my pom.xml :


      Depedencies versions : 

      - artifactId : arquillian-bom - version : 1.1.13.Final[dependencyManagement]

      - artifactId : arquillian-wls-remote-12.1.2 - version : 1.0.1.Final

      - artifactId : arquillian-junit-container - version : 1.1.7.Final

      - artifactId : junit - version : 4.12

      - artifactId : mockito-all - version : 1.9.5


      According the docs we need set a profile in pom.xml, so I did and use the wls-maven-plugin :

      - artifactId : wls-maven-plugin - version :


      This combination got me a stack "java.lang.NoSuchMethodException: deploy(java.lang.String,java.lang.String,java.lang.String,)". So, can you indicate me if my configuration it's correct?


      More details in this post on stackoverflow : stackoverflow


      Adding : This problem show me a gap to be fill. I'm willing to help the community.