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    Faces Scaffold: no field displayed if compounded PK !! Why?

    Massimo Montecchi Newbie


      I have this problem: in search pages no PK field are displayed if there are compounded primary keys. Why ?


      Here is my configuration:

      - Forge 3.7.2.Final

      - JEE 7 Project with JPA (Hibernate) on DB2 Database

      - Faces Scaffolding


      Here is my script:


      project-new --named test --top-level-package com.test --stack JAVA_EE_7


      jpa-setup --jpa-container WILDFLY --jpa-provider Hibernate --persistence-unit-name test-persistence-unit --db-type DB2 --data-source-name java:jboss/test --schema-generation-type NONE


      jpa-generate-entities-from-tables --target-package com.test.model --jdbc-url "jdbc:db2://server:50002/DB:currentSchema=TEST;" --user-name TEST --user-password password --save-user-password --hibernate-dialect org.hibernate.dialect.DB2Dialect --driver-class com.ibm.db2.jcc.DB2Driver --driver-location ~/Downloads/db2jcc4.jar --verify-connection --database-schema TEST --database-tables *


      scaffold-setup --provider Faces


      scaffold-generate --provider Faces --targets com.test.model.*


      as-setup --server wildfly --version 8.2.1.Final --install-dir ~/wildfly-8.2.1.Final/