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    WildFly 9 goes up to 100 % CPU utiliazation after 3 hours

    Sascha Janz Master

      we are using WildFly 9  and a seam / jsf / jbpm application. the system runs up to 3 hours stable and then suddenly it goes up to 100 % CPU utialization



      I did some FlightRecording using JMC but did not find out which thread is responsible for the high cpu usage.



      our application is not causing the problem.



      any ideas/hints  what further to check?


      we got over 200 users. the subsytem:io was configured with default values.


      now we changed to


      <worker name="default" task-max-threads="500" io-threads="16"/>

      <buffer-pool name="default"  direct-buffers="true" buffers-per-slice="128" buffer-size="16384"/>


      are there some best practices for these values?


      i already found