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    Regression behaviour problem between JBoss 4/Tomcat and Wildfly 10/Undertow

    gir489 Novice

      We're currently in the regression testing phase of our project, going from JBoss 4 -> Wildfly 10, and so far the transition has been super pleasant, aside from scattershot documentation, and the extreme differences of Java 5/JBoss 4 to Java 8/Wildfly 10.


      One of the things we noticed was how Wildfly handles its deploying phase. It seems now it just forwards you to a 404 page instead of trying to wait until the deployment is over, as JBoss 4 did. I can't readily find much with searching for this issue.


      But, basically, if a user attempts to connect to our Wildfly server while it's still deploying Struts, they're greeted with a 404 page instead. A mitigation option we have on the table right now is to check if the server is up in our filter and then forward them to a shim login page that basically acts like our "website is down" page. This would add a significant amount of overhead to a root directory filter that is already doing quite a lot to check for something that only happens for 30 seconds, not to mention the time it would take to design and develop the shim login page and write the appropriate javascript.