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    JBoss hot deployment problems

    I Kam Newbie

      Hello all,

      I am not sure if this is a bug, or if it's something
      that I am not doing correctly.

      I tried the hot deployment feature of JBoss by
      re-compiling, re-JAR, and copied over my new JAR
      files to the 'deploy' directory of my JBoss.

      In my server window, I DO see messages from JBoss that
      the old session beans have been destroyed and started
      the new ones.

      However, when I execute my client test code to access
      the new methods in the session beans, I get a
      "METHOD IS NOT FOUND" error message. **BUT**, if I
      re-start JBoss completely, my client can access those
      new session bean methods without any problems.

      I am using the JBoss-2.4.1_Tomcat-3.2.3 version,
      running on Windows 2000. Also using jdk1.3.1_01 and
      J2EE 1.3. Exact error message is:

      [java] METHOD IS NOT FOUND:-4164875974807298300 {-1299374689989208114=publi
      c abstract javax.ejb.Handle javax.ejb.EJBObject.getHandle() throws java.rmi.Remo
      teException, 4840115071604865751=public abstract java.lang.Object javax.ejb.EJBO
      bject.getPrimaryKey() throws java.rmi.RemoteException, 3163754803894080547=publi
      c abstract javax.ejb.EJBHome javax.ejb.EJBObject.getEJBHome() throws java.rmi.Re
      moteException, -5909123752501984271=public abstract boolean javax.ejb.EJBObject.
      isIdentical(javax.ejb.EJBObject) throws java.rmi.RemoteException, -5013858639939
      630501=public abstract void javax.ejb.EJBObject.remove() throws java.rmi.RemoteE
      xception,javax.ejb.RemoveException, 5145329603050684605=public abstract java.lan
      g.String com.orion.dvt.server.session.dvtsession.DVTServer.getDirectoryObjects(j
      ava.lang.String) throws java.rmi.RemoteException}