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    txBridge in conjunction with RESTAT JTA bridge for interoperability between RESTAT and WSAT transactions




      I'm currently trying to solve a challenge we have related to achieving atomic distributed transactions between rest and soa services. We have some rest services that are being coordinated by narayana RTS module and some other soa services being coordinated by narayana XTS.


      We need to connect both of these applications environments. I read about Web Service Transactions (Narayana Project Documentation ) in the project documentation which says:


      WSAT integration with JTA is documented in the Transaction Bridging section of the product guide ( http://narayana.io/docs/product/index.html#txbridge ). By using this bridge in conjunction with the RESTAT JTA bridge full interoperability between RESTAT and WSAT can be realised.


      Please, could anyone give me some guidance related to where can I learn more about the use of both of these bridges? Or at least where can I find more about the RESTAT JTA bridge? Is there a quickstart that could give me some insight? I know there're some quickstarts for the WSAT bridge, but I couldn't find any for this RESAT WSAT bridging.


      As far as I understood from the docs, your "inbound bridge" is exactly what we need because our transactions start in the REST applications.



      Thank you.