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    Name interest is not bound in this Context

    cidy long Newbie

      Hi, Guys

      I got a problem with ejb lookup. I deployed ejb on jboss 2.4.3, then I try to use client application to lookup the ejb, it is fine.

      but when I try to deploy the servlet in seperate tomcat 4.0.1(not embeded tomcat but sperate installation). I put all necessary classes in tomcat and no any compile error, when I invoked ejb look up. I got some exception as:
      javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: Name interest is not bound in this Context

      the lookup code like:
      ref = (Object)jndiContext.lookup("java:/comp/env/interest/Interest");


      ref = (Object)jndiContext.lookup("interest/Interest");

      I got same exceptions

      I check with http://localhost:8082 and see the ejb is exactly here, but I can't lookup it by name.

      So anybody can help me to fix this problem. Please give me feedback on cidyl@cheerful.com


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          Andreas Schaefer Apprentice

          When you go to http://localhost:8082 (JMX HTML-Adaptor) please go and see the JNDI-View MBean. There you have the java: and global namespace. If you are outside of the EJB-Container then you have to use the global namespace. In the glocal namespace you should find you EJB and then use this path as name to look up through JNDI.

          You have to narrow to be compliant with EJB 1.1 because you cannot assume that Java RMI is used (RMI-IIOP could be used).

          Have fun - Andy