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    Jbpm 7.  Using Sub-process on a different project does not work.

    Song Choe Newbie


      I am using both jbpm 7.1 and 7.3


      I created a simple process A and B on Project 1,  and process C in Project 2.

      If process A calls the process B on a same project it works fine.  Which tells me the way I call the subprocess works fine.


      When I call process C from process A which is in different project, I get a following error for example : Application Subprocess:3] -- Could not find process Application-Process.application-process


      So I have research through, and found one ticket that it says it is still open [JBPM-4497] Cannot call subprocess in separate project - JBoss Issue Tracker   but the description indicates there are 2 related tickets that are closed.

      Some other thread says all I need to do is include the process C's information in the pom file, but no luck for me.   Both projects are deployed and running on the respective container.

      What I am mainly confused is when I click on the + icon for the subprocess it does open the process C.


      Is there any workaround I can give it a try? 


      I've tried Problem instantiating a process containing subprocess of different projects    but no luck (still says It can't find the subprocess)