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    J2EE Connector Architecture Integration




      I have to configure in Wildfly the J2EE Connector Architecture, in order to allow a WebService developed in a J2EE Application to connect with an EIS (Enterprise Information System).


      I have read the documentation of Wildlfy, but the integration with J2EE Connector Architecture is not explained, and there are any examples.


      Hope someone can help me, or give some advice.


      Thanks in advance.


      All the best.

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          This question is abstract and vague. The Java EE Connector Architect is a concept. The implementation varies from EE spec to EE spec, but generally the idea is you use some kind of interface (usually JNDI) to manage your connections.


          The only known instance of this in Wildfly that I'm aware of is the datasources subsystem, described here: DataSource configuration - WildFly 10 - Project Documentation Editor


          EIS (Enterprise Information System) is also another concept buzzword. You're going to have to give us more information than that, more specifically, what technology framework you were using before if any, or if you are not, what you want Wildfly to do.

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            I have a web service in a J2EE application. The web service is the "presentation" layer, invoking methods in an EJB, that implements the necessary code to execute queries against a database.


            I need the EJB to establish a communication with a DLL written in C++, via JNI. I want to configure the connection to the DLL in Wildfly and use JNI in Java to invoke functions of the DLL.


            Thanks for your help.

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              I think what you're referring to is this? JBoss Modules version 1