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    Allen Jebakumar Newbie

      Hi All,

                  I need to use Jasypt-hibernate4 jar in my project so i have done with the below steps but it is throwing error "Caused by: org.hibernate.boot.registry.classloading.spi.ClassLoadingException: Unable to load class [org.jasypt.hibernate4.type.EncryptedStringType]"


      Step1 : Created new module named "jasypt-hibernate4" under wildfly10.x\modules\system\layers\base\

      Step2: Added module.xml and jasypt-hibernate4-1.9.2.jar under wildfly10.x\modules\system\layers\base\jasypt-hibernate4\main


      <module xmlns="urn:jboss:module:1.5" name="jasypt-hibernate4">


              <resource-root path="jasypt-hibernate4-1.9.2.jar"/>





            <module name="javax.api" />

            <module name="javax.xml.bind.api" services="import"/>

            <module name="com.sun.xml.bind" services="import"/>

            <module name="javax.xml.rpc.api" />

            <module name="org.apache.commons.codec" />

            <module name="org.apache.commons.logging" />

            <module name="org.apache.neethi" />

            <module name="org.apache.santuario.xmlsec" />

            <module name="org.apache.xalan" />

            <module name="org.joda.time" />

            <module name="org.opensaml" />

            <module name="org.slf4j" />




      Is there is anything i have to add or missed, Please advise.

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          Allen Jebakumar Newbie

          Thanks guys i made it work.. actually dependencies added above is not correct.. as jasypt-hibernate4 requires jasypt-1.9 or jasypt 1.x version. I have added ws.security module to above dependency ie where jasypt-1.9 jar exist ( we can find it in module.xml file )

          After adding the above, created global module in standalone.xml with jasypt-hibernate4 made it work