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    TXN timeout when sessionbean calls entity finder

    Colin Thorburn Newbie

      S/W context - JBOSS2.4.1a /Tomcat3.2.3

      I'm getting a transaction timeout I don't understand...

      Here's the message I get after about five minutes of waiting

      [UCLoginSession] Transaction XidImpl [FormatId=257, GlobalId=wsnt03//16, BranchQual=] timed out. status=STATUS_ACTIVE

      What's happening is this. I have a stateful session bean method performing a series of reads to gather the info for display of a JSP page

      0) find entitys "Acl" using findAll -OK

      1) find entity "Acl" using findByPK -OK

      2) find entitys "Principal" using findByType -OK

      3) find entitys "AclEntriesForAcl" where FK(AclId)==PK(Acl) using findByAcl(Integer PK) - Times out!!!

      The message is somewhat strange as you will note that it referes to UCLoginSession the bean actually making the call is called UCSecuritySession.
      This seems irrelevant becuase if I bypass UCloginSession such that it is never called than the message originator then appears as UCSecutiySession.
      (UCLoginSession would normally be the first bean called in the application)

      If I call 3) outwith the session bean method it works OK. The transaction attribute on all bean methods is "required" and varoius combinations
      or supports/required/requiresnew have no effect.

      This happens whether or not there are any rows in the table read by 3). I also know that the container never actually calls the "AclEntriesForAcl" method
      since I set it up to immediatley throw an EJBException on entry and it never does.

      I'm really struggling with this one - any help to understand whats going on here would be great!