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    Problem in deployment in JBoss

    Yuttana Krittasampan Newbie


      I have a problem about deployment in JBoss. When I have ejb-jar.xml and jboss.xml, how should I put them in what directory ?, because I use "Ant" and it showed the error that "Can't find build.xml". Do I have to write own "build.xml" ? Could you please tell me step by step, I'm very new with JBoss.

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          Andreas Schaefer Apprentice

          To deploy EJBs you have to put them into a JAR file where the deployment descriptors are in the META-INF
          directory. The JAR file can then be bundled with WAR files into an EAR file (Enterprise ARchive).

          Then the JAR/EAR file must be copied into the DEPLOY directory where it is deployed at runtime. By default the DEPLOY directory is in "/jboss/deploy".

          To build your application with ANT you have to write your own ANT build.xml file.

          Please check the JBoss online documentation about further informations.

          Have fun - Andy