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    Deploying Ear and War file at the same Jboss 4 server.

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      Hi all,


      I got a big problem when deploy the two application on one Jboss server.


      1. An Ear file that have many functions connect to a db using oracle-ds.xml.

      2. An War file that have a web service call the functions on Ear file.


      When I deployed Ear file, I can call all the function by external Java class without any error. But right after that, I deloy the War file on Jboss then catch the following error:


      "javax.ejb.EJBException: Unable to find DB pool: javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: jdbc not bound".


      Then the external Java class catch the above message two. I did not change any thing on oracles-ds.xml. Here is the declare code:






      Help awaited,

      thanks & regards,