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    jboss 4.2.3 stop writing to server.logs -  log4j stopworking


      We are using JBOSS 4.2.3 at the production. It was observed that the server stop write logs at server logs. We check the

      server.logs, nohoup.out, /var/log/messages, dmesg

      and no issue can lead to why the server stoped to write at the logs.


      Also when we entered the server during the issue time, in order to restart, we checked if there was any File IO issue. So we create a test a file under: ~/jboss/server/default/log & check the disk usage, but everything were ok.


      also vmstat and free commands results were in normal values.


      The thing is that JMX-console was working and some of the flow UI return results. Also datasources connections were ok since login from UI application that runs to the server were ok.


      After a restart everything were normal.


      Could you please advice what could be the root cause?


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