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    HornetQ JMS Consumer count has 5 invalid consumers and 5 valid consumers.

    Preeta Kuruvilla Newbie

      Today I had a difficult time when I was testing our standalone application that use JMS. All my service requisitions were going to “ordered state” until I figured out.


      I checked the applicaiton Admin console (which is on port 7990) and found the consumer count to be "10" instead of the expected "5" for a Queue after starting the application.


      First I tried with new installation directory, it didn’t solve the issue and then I tried with a new DB, it didn’t solve the issue – consumer count was 10. Then I changed the VM and then the consumer count was 5 after starting the application.  And from then onwards the service requisitions that I submitted went to “Ongoing” state meaning the message started getting processed


      We have seen this with some customers recently and have suggested them to change the VM. I still need to figure out where exactly the JMS statistics is stored in the file system on the VM. But definitely it gets stored somewhere other than the install directory. You keep changing he install directory but still the statistics is picked up especially when we have invalid consumers.


      In my case, those 5 consumers were invalid because earlier I did a mistake with installation. So, after this, even if I change the install directory the consumer count is 10. It adds the previous invalid 5. And most likely the service requisition goes to ordered state because it hits the invalid 5 consumers and not the valid 5 consumers.