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    JBPM Executor Load Testing Issue

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      I am using JBPM 7.0.0Final ,deployed in wildfly10.1.


      Designed simple workflow that contains script tasks with required system.out.println() & wait time of 2 seconds using Thread.sleep().And deployed the workflow with per-request runtime strategy.Executing my workflow asynchronously Using KieServicesClient  API for 30 times.Even though I am executing for 30 times simultaneously .The executor processing only 10 requests at once.Is there any configurations at wildfly server level or JBPM/KIE application level to change. So that the JBPM executor will  process all the requests at a time. What is the default number of threads it can execute at once?


      Related Properties:

      1. org.kie.executor.pool.size=5

      2 .  <subsystem xmlns="urn:jboss:domain:io:1.1">

                  <worker name="default" io-threads="300" task-max-threads="300"/>

                  <buffer-pool name="default"/>