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    Wildfly SuspendController Add OperationListener

    Fatih isik Newbie


      We have an application that has several tcp and udp connection using publish-subscribe pattern. Before shutting down the server(on Suspend state), the close information should be sent to subscribers and connections should be closed .

      So i need to add OperationListener to org.jboss.as.server.suspend.SuspendController.

      I released, implementing an extension to Wildfly so that I can get hold of the OperationContext and from there do context.getServiceRegistry(false).getService( SuspendController.SERVICE_NAME );

      But the extension did not work properly on domain mode.

      Another way adding Capability to Wildfly as described; Working with WildFly Capabilities - WildFly 10 - Project Documentation Editor


      What is the best way to listening SuspendListener.

      Thanks in advance;


      App Server : Wildfly 10.0.0..Final ( Domain Mode)