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    Define my own Thread-Factory in EJB3 Subsystem

    Sebastian Lang Newbie

      Hello Community,


      In my Wildfly10 I want to create a new thread-pool within the ejb3-subsystem configuration. Within this thread-pool I want to define my own ThreadFactory, because I want those threads to run with the lowest priority possible. So far I haven't found any example or documentation that explains, what has to be placed into the "value"-part when I try to execute the following command via cli: "/subsystem=ejb3/thread-pool=timer-pool:write-attribute(name=thread-factory, value=[???]).


      What needs to / or can be set instead of [???]. Is it the fullname of my ThreadFactory (package+class name)? Is it the JNDI name of my ThreadFactory? Something else?


      Any help is appreciated.