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    Modules Directory Not Present



      I am using jboss-5.1.0.GA for one of my old versioned application where modules directory is not present in JBOSS_HOME directory like in Jboss 7 . I have created a custom 'modules' folder in Jboss home directory and set its Path using environment variable

      set  JBOSS_MODULEPATH=%JBOSS_HOME%/modules


      but this trick is not working for me. Can anyone suggest if this is feasible? If yes then what direction I show follow.

      Thnaks in advace!

      Divya Garg

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          JBoss AS 5 and JBoss AS7 (and WildFly) are completely different architecture wise. JBoss AS5 did not use (JBoss) modules backed classloading. So you wont' see the modules folder in it and neither will you be able to force it to use a modular classloading approach. I would suggest, upgrading to latest WildFly releases instead, since anyway JBoss AS5 is now outdated for many years now.