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    Running Infinispan locally and connect it via Hot Rod Remote Client

    Lena Herrmann Newbie

      Hey folks,


      A few weeks ago I started to work with Infinispan Remote Caches. It's running in a remote cluster, and I can use the Hot Rod Client to connect to the data.


      What I want to achive is to provide an embedded implementation of Infinispan that acts just as the remote cluster. The easy part was to create a local cache and connect to it via the client. What does not seem to work is to register any .proto-files in order to use queries to search for entries.


      How does the Infinispan Server creates the "___protobuf_metadata" - Cache. Is there anything that I need to enable, so that is will be available. Or is there any other way to create an embedded cache, that can be connected via a remote client and acts just like the remote cache?


      I'm working on this for days now, so I would be happy for any help.