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    Problem in "ANT" using

    Yuttana Krittasampan Newbie

      Dear all ,

      For the following JBoss Docs. I have followed with it and have an error in command prompt.... that "jboss.dist = ${ env.JBOSS_DIST} is not valid...", How should I set the JBOSS_DIST parameter ?

      Thanks a lot

      Yuttana K.

      Packaging and deploying the bean
      Creation of the EJB jar package involves building a JAR archive containing the EJB classes and deployment descriptors. To build the EJB jar for the Interest example simply cd to the examples/build directory of the documentation examples source tree and execute the following ant command:

      bash-2.04$ ant intro-interest-jar
      Buildfile: build.xml



      [echo] Using JBoss directory=/tmp/JBoss-2.2.2
      [echo] Using classpath=/tmp/JBoss-2.2.2/client/ejb.jar:/tmp/JBoss-2.2.2/client/jaas.jar:/tmp/JBoss-2.2.2/client/jbosssx-client.jar:/tmp/JBoss-2.2.2/client/jboss-client.jar:/tmp/JBoss-2.2.2/client/jnp-client.jar:/tmp/tomcat/lib/servlet.jar:/tmp/examples/${build.classes.dir}
      [echo] Using Source directory=/tmp/examples
      [echo] Using Build directory=/tmp/examples/build-examples


      [javac] Compiling 4 source files to /tmp/examples/build-examples/interest/classes

      [mkdir] Created dir: /tmp/examples/build-examples/interest/META-INF
      [copy] Copying 1 file to /tmp/examples/build-examples/interest/META-INF
      [copy] Copying 1 file to /tmp/examples/build-examples/interest/META-INF
      [jar] Building jar: /tmp/examples/build-examples/interest/interest.jar


      Total time: 2 seconds

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          Ben Turner Newbie

          To set the JBOSS_DIST vairable you either have to type:

          SET JBOSS_DIST=c:\Jboss2.2.2\

          in Windows, or in UNIX do something similar.
          Basically it is an "environment variable" you need to set. Consult your Opererating system help files or man pages to find out how to do this if what I've written makes no sense !