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    Error starting up - RepositoryIndexManager - Ignoring all index definitions for provider '{}'

    David Harrison Newbie

      Hello, I'm using ModeShape 5.4.1, with database persistence, and attempting to use ElasticSearch indices.


      All of the references to the CNDs files and indices are defined in my repository-config.json file. When Modeshape starts up, I get the following error in my logs.  FYI, Wireshark shows no traffic going to Elastic Search from Modeshape. So, it appears the index definitions are not being processed - like the error message would indicate.  I get the same error message when I use Lucene provider for the same indices, however I do see index files appearing on the file system.


      ERROR o.m.jcr.RepositoryIndexManager - Error while refreshing index definitions for the "repo" repository

      java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: 1 parameter supplied, but 0 parameters required: "Ignoring all index definitions for provider '{}' because it isn't present in the configuration" => ""



      Attached is a copy of my repository-config.json file. 

      Can anyone spot the error or know about a potential solution to this problem? I am grateful for any help.