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    Error starting up - RepositoryIndexManager - Ignoring all index definitions for provider '{}'


      Hello, I'm using ModeShape 5.4.1, with database persistence, and attempting to use ElasticSearch indices.


      All of the references to the CNDs files and indices are defined in my repository-config.json file. When Modeshape starts up, I get the following error in my logs.  FYI, Wireshark shows no traffic going to Elastic Search from Modeshape. So, it appears the index definitions are not being processed - like the error message would indicate.  I get the same error message when I use Lucene provider for the same indices, however I do see index files appearing on the file system.


      ERROR o.m.jcr.RepositoryIndexManager - Error while refreshing index definitions for the "repo" repository

      java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: 1 parameter supplied, but 0 parameters required: "Ignoring all index definitions for provider '{}' because it isn't present in the configuration" => ""



      Attached is a copy of my repository-config.json file. 

      Can anyone spot the error or know about a potential solution to this problem? I am grateful for any help.