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    remote-connector in WF10

    Carl Walker Newbie



      I'm trying to run some legacy JMS tests on WF 10 with Hermes.  I can run them on a standalone Artemis 2.3.0 + 1.1.0 by specifying brokerURL=tcp://localhost:61616, but can't seem to make this connection with the embedded copy.


      I get this error in Hermes.


      Wire format negotiation timeout: peer did not send his wire format


      And this is in the server log


      15:53:24,800 ERROR [org.apache.activemq.artemis.core.client] (Thread-1 (activemq-netty-threads-1119058641)) AMQ214013: Failed to decode packet: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: AMQ119032: Invalid type: 1

      at org.apache.activemq.artemis.core.protocol.core.impl.PacketDecoder.decode(PacketDecoder.java:41


      This is the configuration I'm using


      <remote-connector name="legacy-remoting-connector" socket-binding="legacy-messaging"/>

      <remote-acceptor name="legacy-messaging-acceptor" socket-binding="legacy-messaging" />

      <connection-factory name="LegacyRemoteConnectionFactory" entries="java:jboss/exported/jms/LegacyRemoteConnectionFactory" connectors="legacy-remoting-connector"/>

      <socket-binding name="legacy-messaging" port="61616"/>


      Thanks in advance,