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    Dellivering Wildfly 10 in a Docker image

    nicolas duminil Master


      I'm deploying a web-app requring Wildfly 10.1.0 with a cunstomized configuration like new Infinispan cache-containres/caches, etc. Given that the build tool is maven, I thought to delliver a Docker image, built from the Wildfly 10.1.0 image, that I modify in order to add the required elememnts. I thought to use jboss-cli to perform this modifications.

      Accordingly, I'm using the docker maven plugin to perform the following steps:

      1. Download Wildfly image from docker hub
      2. Add a new EAR to the Wildfly deployments directory and a new jboss-cli command file to the new image
      3. Build the new image and, beside others, execute jboss-cli script in order to apply the required modifications
      4. Start a new container running the image.

      Once that the docker container is running, the wildfly app server runs inside it and the deployed EAR is available to the user.

      The problem is that, as you might have guessed, in the build phase, when jboss-cli is supposed to run, the Wildfly server doesn't run yet. It will only run once the container is started. But starting the container will raises exceptions due to the fact that the deployed EAR deosn't find what it needs to start.

      Is there any simple way to modify a standalone.xml file without having to run jboss-cli ? Or is there any way to run jboss-cli against an off-line Wildfly server ?


      Many thanks in advance,


      Nicolas DUMINIL